Gisella Valdemarin

Massages, holistic therapies and oriental disciplines

Bachelor of psicology at University of Turin (2006)
Postgraduate in learning, change and training for adults (2008)

Thai massage (240 hours)
Tok Sen: thai massage with wooden sticks (18 hours)
Thai feet reflexology (80 hours)
Vietnamese facial reflexology (40 hours)
Chi Nei Tsang: abdominal massage, basic and advanced level (60 hours)
Craniosacral therapy (70 hours).
Reiki I and II

Taoist classic arts: Yin Yoga, Meditation, Chi Kung (Universal Healinig Tao School).
Tai Chi Fan (Chiang Mai Kung Ku School)
Thai yoga (Jongrak Massage School)
Hata Yoga – 5 tibetans Yoga (Libre Université du Samadeva).
Yoga teacher training (Wise living yoga Academy, Chiang Mai,Thailand)
Indian classic dance (Sruti Kuchipudi School, Master Hari Om).

Graduated from Scuole San Carlo as costruttore di scenografie teatrali e cinematografiche.
Esperta in teatro di figura (Apprendista di Maurizio Lupi).

Many years of work experience in theare as a puppet theatre professional.
Extensive experience teaching yoga, tai chi, meditation and dance for adults and children.
Professional experience as masseuse and holistic therapist within receptive structures and sports associations.

Gregorio Zucchinali

Yoga and Ayurveda

Greg began his yogic path at a very early age, like an intuiton, or, like he recieved a gift from the universe that he found in along the way.

In the 80s Greg traveled to north India and starts going to Ved Niketan and Shivananda Ashrasm where he immerses in yoga practicing. He plunged into Iyengar style with Master Rudra's classes.

Later, Greg moves to the Holy City of Varanasi (Benares) where he studied with Guru G. Prakasht and learnt the techniques of Hatha and Kundalini yoga and also the Kriya philosophy, originaly taught by Paramahansansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi).

In 2001 Greg decided to dedicate 3 years of his llife to live in India. This allowed him to deepen his practice and learning path without interruptions. In this period, he got to know the yogi Pandey Rrakesh, who taughted him the kyras purification tecnique. In Varanasi he studied Ashtanga, Hatha and Raja yoga with Sunil Kumar and Guru G.

After many years of constant theoretical and philosophical practice he began to teach yoga at the Benares University and in other institutions inIndia.

During his stay in India, he dedicates to Ayurveda studies (the science of life) that he will later combine with yoga practicing. His studies in this field was run through with Guru Anand Pitambar at Trivandrum University of Kerala where he learnt many kinds of massages and how to combine oils with herbs for healing purposes.

Later on, Greg founded the Anam Yoga Center in Otres, Cambodia where he offers daily yoga classes and retreats together with Ayurveda courses and massages.

Maurizio Mamprin

Taiji Quan, Qi Gong, Bagua Zhang and Pilates

1980-1988 Basketball. The great dream.
1988 Rehabilitation. The kneecap crumbles and the dream vanishes. The suffering sprouts in a path of psyco-physicaL research.
1989-1995 Karate Shotokan with some Rhythm & Blues (M° M. Navazio). The rescue and the young fury.
1992-1995 Body expression and Jazz dance (M. Borghi). New possibilites of movement and, most of all, of expression. Thank you Mara!
1994-1998 Hata Yoga Satyananda method. Moved by spiritual research I encounter a big soul (Fabio Menudo) in an extraordinary technique (Surya Namaskara).
1996-1998 Taijiquan Yang e Chen style (M° V. Bottazzi). A little researcher meets a great researcher and a close friend... forever.
1999-2004 Kung Fu Shaolin Hung Gar style(M° G. Cucci / M° R. Sciarrillo). A young fury come back with musculare explosion. Such hard trainings... and so many whacks, dear Frank (authentic “practice brother”).
2003-2009 Yi Quan (M° V. Bottazzi). At times we fall far from eachother but then we suddenly meet.
2004-2010 Ba Gua Zhang (M° V. Bottazzi / M° L. Zanini / M° Zhang Du Gan). Last stop in the martiality journey. If you go to Vicenza, you should really meet Luigi and Sergio's arms.
2007-present Qi Gong stile Zhi Neng (M° F. Ronco) Everything is Fausto from Genoa and Dunqiangong's “fault”. The big hunger of... Zhineng Qigong. The shared practice.
2012-present Taijiquan Yun Hua style (M° F. Ronco). Free from any martial velleity.

Carmen Stroblmayr

Rocket yoga, Ashtanga and Acroyoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa: Discipline - Observation - Concentration - Meditation After exploring and experimenting I discovered Ashtanga Yoga as my fulfilling practice for myself. The Ashtanga primary series is based on about 60 asanas, body postures and also bases on pranayamas, breathing control. The main aim is to link breath and movement together. What seems to be a very strict practice without too many variations is the essential secret for this practice:

The constant practice gives us the chance to focus on perfection, deepening the postures and to connect our mind with our body which leads us to a meditative state. When our thoughts fall silent, we reach a closer state of yoga: Where body, mind and soul are united, on the mat and in the here and now. Therefor Ashtanga proposes a constant disciplined sequence of postures to internalize the practice in order to be able to go deeper.

As a result the inner unconditional confidence arises from your heart and the progress, which your mind and body are achieving together, connects them with happiness. We are starting to wake up...

Rocket Yoga
Experience - Freedom - Responsibility - Go to limits
The practice is originally based on the Ashtanga Primary Series, with a new interpretation for the Asanas. Rocket is accessible to all levels and is divided into Rocket I, II, III. Rocket I is focusing more on balancing, shoulder- and abdominal strengthening postures. Rocket II emphases on hip-opening and back bending postures meanwhile Rocket III is a combination of both sequences.

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