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Humble men and women looking travel through the Path indicated by the great indian phylosophers, in the first place: Pantajali; Micrea Eliade said this about him: “Thanks to Pantajali, yoga, and its “mystic” tradition, has become a “philosophic” system.. We think that practicing and observing the “eight arms” can help the human being to develop its internal growth and make its existence richer. The knowledge of Raja Yoga can appear as a “beacon” in the inner darkness.

We are Paola and Giorgio, a traveling couple that had the big fortune of visiting and living in many countries; the knowledge and the sharing of foreing traditions got us closer to distant cultures that we've learnt so much from. In one of our trips, six years ago, we've met Gregorio, a yoga teacher who has been living in orient for over 30 years. With Greg, Paola entered in the yoga universe and, thanks to him, we've founded our Kundalini Dharma. Our brother Greg is a very generous person, he helps you discover many secrets of the yoga philosophy and the ayurvedic practices, learning that humility and simplicity are our biggest wealth!

We moved to Serravalle, on the fantastic hills of the Monferrato, on 2009.
Paola hass entered the yoga world more than three years ago and, since then, she pratices everyday and works very hard and thoughfully in her yoga path together with her teacher Greg.

Kundalini Dharma is located in Monferrato, under the Serravalle Castle, in a house with a fantastic view of te hills, surrounded by nature, where we chose to place our Yoga Hall, dedicated to yoga lessons and practice. The choice of the space for the executin of yoga practices has a fundamental importance , the relationship between the human being and the nature is the starting point. Unfortunately, nowadays it isn't always possible to reconnect with the self being through the interaction of our emotions and through the "sounds" of our Pachamama (Pachamama=Mother Earth). The yoga and the oriental disciplines are practices that connect the human being with its main strength; the practice within the nature can improve this "union" path; this is why we wanted to concieve a place able to "awake" our being as a part of the universe and nature and from here comes also the name of our association: Kundalini Dharma. We strongly believe that there can be a "way out" of this chaotic modern world and we wish to offer, to whoever has the will to "meet challenges", the possibility of accessing to the basis of yoga study and practice. It is only by respecting the biologic times of the human being that we will be able to guarantee, to all of us, a balanced and calmed life preventing the arrival of degenerative ilnesses as well. The heartbeat, the blood presure, the respiratory rate and all the vital signs are going against the modern times and the digital era; we have not been created to go faster, on the contrary, we keep our psycophysical well-being only if we respect the human timing. Kundalini Dharrma is a center for study and research dedicated to the psycophysical welness through:Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kuchipudi, Qi Gong e Taiji Quan.
The teachers who are also partners of the Kundalini Dharma project, are people who have chosen to dedicate their lives to the research, study and practice of the activity they teach. Growth and improvement are only possible through knowledge ; the Kundadlini Dharma teachers strongly believe in knowledge sharing and they generously open us up towards new horizons by offering the possibility of a new vision of Life. We are thankful mostly to them, for giving us the chance to reach our dream, creatingn: the perfect oasis to find ourselves, to make new friends and find new "travel" partners. Thank you with all of our hearts to: Greg, Gisella, Carmen and Maurizio.

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